Made of Waste range

Made from Waste

Jonathan Thomas has designed on behalf of Stornish a range of quietly stylish countertop kitchenware focused around the items that normally get overlooked in the style stakes; compost containers, bread bins, wooden spoon pots, and salt pigs.  Jonathan has chosen to recycle the waste materials left when Composite worktops are made.  Using the natural properties of the material has allowed him to create “eternal” products, units in one homogenous seamless design. Slabs of waste Hi-Macs are formed and bonded producing hardwearing, non-porous, hygienic products with minimal facets.  The design is equally simple, reflecting Jonathan’s calm, uncluttered and sustainable ethic. 

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Made of Waste:Making:1

Hi-Macs, designed by LG, is used in the manufacture of kitchen countertops because of its non-porous & hygenic qualities.   The fact that it can be re-used and what bonds it together is an integral part of its own structure. This makes it a hugely appealing material for use in kitchen projects.

These are the humble items in our kitchens that are often overlooked and therefore given secondary design consideration, when in reality as our mindset changes toward longevity and sustainability, so should our approach to the respect we give these workhorse products that help us support the legacy of our everyday lives. Browse the full range here.

 Words by: Lucy Freeman. March 2021