St Ives Colours - Porthwidden

The Colours of St Ives

St Ives has provided the inspiration for a new range of colours for our range or plywood storage boxes.

We’re missing taking a wintery walk around the coastline in one of our favourite destinations – St Ives, Cornwall.  Standing on Porthwidden Beach, looking out to sea and taking in the ever-changing horizon.  Our family has returned to St Ive’s many times and we love the colour & light in all seasons.

We’ve tried to capture the colours of St Ives in the Formica lift off lids of our boxes – the lichen on the slate rooftops, the whitewashed walls of Barbara Hepworth’s Studio and the grey stormy seascapes.

Our boxes which are lightweight, sturdy, and practical and come in 2 sizes. Designed to be interlocking and stackable. As well as being flexible, portable storage, these boxes can double up as a seat, bedside table, or a step.  To view the full range of plywood storage boxes click here

St Ives Colour - Rooftops
Barbara Hepworth Studio
St Ives Colour - Rock Lichen
St Ives Colour - doorway